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Niche Video Media Now Offers Live Streaming

Niche Video Media™ is pleased to offer live streaming as an add-on feature to their Private Media Channel™. Finally, a company has created a live streaming service that is as simple as clicking on a link. Now the only requirement to stream a live sermon, business meeting, lecture or anything is a device with Internet access.

“What we have really tried to do is make live streaming available to the masses,” said Glen West, Chief Customer Officer. “You no longer need fancy, high tech video recording equipment or to have the specialized knowledge of streaming technology and bitrates yourself. Instead, we do all of the technical work so that you can just focus on getting your message out.”

Niche Video Media’s live video streaming service is available in three different levels of quality: standard, superior and high definition. To avoid the complicated billing procedures that typically accompany live streaming, there is a set price per minute viewed for each quality and that is how the customer is billed.

Like the Private Media Channel™, the live streaming is completely secure. The customer chooses who has access to the broadcast by inviting them to join. Of course, these users have the option of inviting others to participate, but each one would have to be approved in order to have access to the channel. Yet, none of the users viewing the live broadcast have the capability to download the video.

About Niche Video Media

Niche Video Media™, LLC provides a secured streaming video platform to individuals and businesses that allows customers to brand, share, and monetize their video content to a global audience without investing in video infrastructure or costly skill sets. By marrying the concept of a video platform with community building, we help customers engage their unique audiences around their unique content.

A Private Media Channel™ is ideal for companies with a large group of geographically distributed users (the “Community”) that must keep up-to-date with information best distributed in a multi-media format because it allows those users to interact with each other around that information and add value to the entire community. Some examples are large distributed sales forces with a variety of complex products; value chains of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers; industry communities for knowledge sharing, and technical certification training companies.